'After Us' Journal (Issue 1)

from UIQ

32-page soft-bound journal
275mm × 370mm


Published by Optigram, After Us is a new large-format print magazine exploring developments in science and technology, new forms and expressions in art, observations on contemporary culture, and current political thinking. It includes both short and long essays, pictorial features and original speculative fiction.



Essays by

Nora N. Khan on artificial super intelligence

Liam Young on architecture for machines

Nick Srnicek on neoliberalism and aesthetics

Benedict Singleton on modern film archetypes

Interview with Walter Murch by Dave Tompkins

Fiction by Juan Mateos

Art by

Timothy Saccenti & Sam Rolfes
Lawrence Lek

Illustrations by

Stathis Tsemberlidis
Adam Ferriss
Alex Solman
Patrick Savile
and featuring the work of
Ryoji Ikeda

Published by Optigram


Future Imperfect: Or how to stop worrying and love dystopia
An introduction to After Us from the editor, Manuel Sepulveda

Towards a Poetics of Artificial Superintelligence
Expanding our language can help us better understand AI, argues Nora N. Khan; illustrated by Adam Ferriss

An Atlas of Fiducial Architecture: A tour through the shadows of the digital
Architecture and infrastructures built for and by machines, and how they manifest on our landscape, by Liam Young

Bonus Levels
Travel around Lawrence Lek’s utopian simulations

Navigating Neoliberalism: Political aesthetics in an age of crisis
Alternative politics needs to utilise art and technology to envision a better future, argues Nick Srnicek

The Shattered C
New collaborative work from Timothy Saccenti and Sam Rolfes

That’s My Squeak
Sounds of futures past with Walter Murch and Dave Tompkins; illustrated by Optigram

The Last Girl Scout
The first in a series by Benedict Singleton on modern archetypes in cinema and literature; illustrated by Alex Solman

Fiction from Juan Mateos imagining a new kind of family unit; illustrated by Patrick Savile

Interface K1
A cyborg’s culture, by Stithies Tsemberlidis


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