'After Us' Journal (Issue 2)

from UIQ

40-page soft-bound journal
275mm × 370mm


Published by Optigram, After Us is a new large-format print magazine exploring developments in science and technology, new forms and expressions in art, observations on contemporary culture, and current political thinking. It includes both short and long essays, pictorial features and original speculative fiction.



Essays by

Claire Colebrook on man and the apocalypse

Jennifer Boyd on explosions and their motifs

Peter Wessel Zapffe on the tragedy of intellect

Interview with Patrik Schumacher by Martti Kalliala

Fiction by Amy Ireland

Art by

Daniela Yohannes
Laurel Halo, Mari Matsutoya & LaTurbo Avedon
Graphic fiction by Lando

Illustrations by

Dave Gaskarth
Rich Foster
Patrick Savile
and featuring the work of
Alice Channer
Zaha Hadid

Published by Optigram


Twilight of the Anthropocene Idols
A philosophical look at humanity’s potential transfiguration in a post-apocalyptic future, by Claire Colebrook

A Taxonomy of Explosions; Preliminary shrapnel
Investigating how explosions and their transformative power can take us beyond our limits, by Jennifer Boyd; illustrated by Dave Gaskarth

Total Freedom
An interview with Patrik Schumacher, the director of Zaha Hadid Architects, exploring in depth his views and approach to architecture

Still Be Here
A look at the ideas behind the Hatsune Miku performance initiated by Mari Matsutoya and realised with Laurel Halo, LaTurbo Avedon, Darren Johnston and Martin Sulzer

The Last Messiah
Peter Wessel Zapffe’s influential essay on the burden of humanity’s intellect, in a new translation by Trine Riel

The Invisible
A glimpse of new mythologies created by artist Daniela Yohannes

On a colony beyond Neptune, memory and experience do not run parallel, in fiction from Amy Ireland; illustrated by Rich Foster

The Plough
A story from the autonomous zone, by comic book artist Lando


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